• Gavin of Shadows

    Gavin of Shadows

    Young and easygoing, Gavin has been roaming shadows for most of his life and sees no reason to stop.
  • Jakkar of Shadows

    Jakkar of Shadows

    Keeping to the shadows, Jakkar is difficult to make out, He wears a heavy robe, with the hood up at all times, The only part that anyone sees of his face, is the glowing green eyes
  • Phoebe


    Phoebe is a winsomely androgynous young woman with rich brown hair and eyes. Her cute earnestness is belied by a fierce intent and focus. Her colours are white and brown.
  • Reno of Avalon

    Reno of Avalon

    Lithely muscled, this redhead'd man oozes the aura of a predator.