Raziel of Amber

Raven-haired, lithe, and cool of expression.


Appearance: Just a few hairs above a normal height, Raziel is black of hair and lithely muscled, typically clad in charcoal black and iron grey garb fitting a scion of Amber; when the situation requires other clothing, he tries to retain the coloration. His cloak, when he wears one, is held with an iron clasp wrought in the shape of crossed raven feathers. His hair is on the long side, braided and falling to his waist, where a dull black ribbon ties it off. His complexion is on the tan side, although it seems somewhat natural to him rather than the product of weathering, making his mismatched eyes stand out more clearly – one a vivid shade of green, the other an icy blue hue. He appears to be right-handed, although this is largely an affectation – he takes pains to train himself to be ambidextrous in anything he does.
His sword typically hangs at his belt – when drawn, it proves to be a blade of blackened steel, with intricately wrough runic scrollwork flowing down the blade. When he’s out and about, and not trying to conceal himself, he also often carries a bow and a quiver of arrows made with points of cold iron and silver hammered together.

Attitude: Raziel portrays himself as a loyalist to Amber herself, with no care as to who sits on the throne as long as they’re not going out of their way to stir up trouble. He has no desire to see the Golden City razed, or an army trying to march up Kolvir – he has a bit of disgust directed toward Bleys and Corwin for their part in the beginning of the Patternfall War, and regards Eric’s provocation of his siblings as a stunningly idiotic maneuver.
He’s ever alert for things the seem like a brewing threat to the city, from rumors in the city itself, where he takes pains to make himself seem like a friendly, outgoing sort always willing to have a chat with the locals, to strange rumblings in the depths of Shadow. He uses his personal servants – most particularly Daniel – to help him keep abreast of gossip among the common folk, and trusts his personal affairs to Melinda almost entirely, particularly whenever he goes chasing off into Shadow.
He does have a fondness for spiced wines and breads, a habit acquired during one of his longer forays into Shadow, one that netted him Melinda as an aide and the secret of the Shadow known as Elligan, but these are among his only publically-known pleasures.

Hobbies: Raziel is a skilled artist, and spends his free time painting portraits and landscapes all over Amber and Shadow alike; more than a few of the noble families of Amber have been given one of his paintings as gifts, and in a few Shadows his art is hung in museums and private collections. He’s also a skilled musician, playing the flute, violin, and acoustic guitar with a reasonable professional level of skill; on occasion, he spends evenings playing while Melinda dances.
His other major hobby is practicing the art of stealth, tracking, and hunting, both in the city and in the wilds of Arden; a few times, he has successfully bypassed Julian’s Storm Hounds, or ambushed an unsuspecting deer. Once, he even caught Caine out in the Castle of Amber itself, although Caine was moderately inebriated at the time, and Raziel suspects it might have been another one of Caine’s Shadow-doubles, one less superhumanly alert than the true one.

Favored Food and Drink: Spiced wines and spiced bread are his preferred food, a habit acquired while he was in the Shadow known as Elligan.

Colors: Iron grey and charcoal black

Allies: Daniel of Amber, Melinda of Elligan, and his crow, Zwei.

Battle Theme Music: Duel of the Fates, Star Wars “The Phantom Menace” (one of the only good things in that movie)
Personal Theme Music: Franz Liszt – Danse Macabre

Raziel of Amber

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