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  • Gavin Seeks Chaos

    Logfile of today's 1:1 session, filling in one of the more fun parts of Gavin's background. This takes place before the Black Road opened. It's been edited to remove typos.

    You steam and hiss, "Want to pick up during the hellride?"
    Delcan …

  • Gavin's Journal

    Gavin's current journal is a fresh spiral-bound notepad. Written on the front cover's inside are a collection of names. Gavin writes in pencil, never in pen.

    Kesh'itra - out where matter starts to give way to light

    Dancer - Kesh'itra …

  • Kip

    *Appearance:* Changes on a whim. Kip maintains about the size of a domestic cat, but frequently shifts shape to whatever he deems most useful, fitting, or socially entertaining. *Attitude:* Kip is about as laid-back as his companion [[:Gavin]], and …

  • Gavin of Shadows

    Gavin is a genuinely easy-going person. He tries to speak on friendly and casual terms with everyone, as if he were out at a picnic with them. Generous with money among Shadow denizens - "because if you can be, you should be." He tends to be pretty …

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