Zwei the Raven

Sarcastic ally and friend of Raziel

Zwei appears, at first, to be little more than an unusually large specimen of her species, with glossy black plumage and dark eyes that hide the spark of human-like intelligence within her. It generally takes little time for her to disabuse anyone of this notion, her hoarse, rasping voice usually giving voice to sarcastic insults or acidic insults when she speaks up – a situation entirely too common, in the opinion of most who know her.

Zwei is a highly intelligent member of her species, and she knows it; she is, in fact, intelligent enough that, in one Shadow, she killed time by tormenting a physicist seeking the secrets of the atom by poking holes in his math. Much of her intellect goes into her sarcastic and acerbic observations, the majority of which are aimed at either Raziel or Daniel. The former she finds entertaining, as many of her remarks prompt him to tell her to shut up in increasingly irritable fashions, while the later she regards as an amusing adversary, as he’s more than willing to trade insults with her.
The one person who never draws an insult from the raven is Melinda, who nursed the raven to health and maturity from her earliest days as a hapless hatchling. More than once, those who have tried to attack Melinda have had their days ruined by a raven pecking out their eyes while gleefully denigrating their ancestry with caustic remarks.

Zwei’s preferred ‘hobby’ is riding around on Raziel’s shoulder, or else hanging out with Melinda or Daniel.
Failing that, she has a curiously adept facility with her talons, ‘borrowing’ Raziel’s paints and making credible paintings and sketches of her own.

Zwei will insist on going along in most cases when Raziel goes off on one of his ‘misadventures’, deriving a great deal of amusement from any resulting trouble, and occasionally making herself useful as an innocuous scout and combatant.

Zwei the Raven

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