Gavin of Shadows

Young and easygoing, Gavin has been roaming shadows for most of his life and sees no reason to stop.


Gavin has sandy blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail, a week’s worth of stubble, and hazel eyes. He has a baseball player’s build, well-muscled but wiry, and seems to exude an aura of relaxation and ease. His skin is always slightly tanned, and he has calluses on his hands and fingers. He’s not quite graceful, but he moves with an air of effortlessness, as if everywhere he goes is the place he was meant to be.

Gavin tends towards distinctive, slightly flamboyant dress. On shadow Earth, he’d be in cargo shorts and a Hawaiian shirt, sipping something from a coconut shell on the beach and watching the waves roll in. He always wears a thick leather armlet on his right forearm, with a smoothed-out bit of glass set into it. A wide-brimmed hat can usually be found near his person as well. He carries no real weapons, but tends to carry a utility knife or three in his pocket, and might have a hatchet or a crowbar on his person depending on the situation.


Gavin is a genuinely easy-going person. He tries to speak on friendly and casual terms with everyone, as if he were out at a picnic with them. Generous with money among Shadow denizens – “because if you can be, you should be.” He tends to be pretty open with people, including when feeling down, but he does try not to cry around others – there’s no need to bring anyone down that hard. His belief towards people is that everyone is basically good, and that evil comes from taking oneself too seriously, too personally, or too selfishly.

Gavin believes that the purpose of life is to enjoy it. To that end, he has devoted himself to exploration, travel, and leisure, and roams Shadow on an eternal walkabout. While he might settle down for as long as a year or so in a particularly enjoyable habitat, he will grow bored or restless soon enough and set out again to find some place new and interesting. He often meanders through Shadow without any particular destination in mind, and might do this for months on end, pausing for days in a Shadow to find what hidden beauties it might hold.

Gavin keeps a journal and keeps it up when he feels like something has been worthy of writing down. He loses them frequently, but never bothers to go back for them – the thought of a a Shadow-denizen picking up his journal and confusedly reading its contents amuses Gavin to no end.

He has no particular attitude towards Amber or its inhabitants, except as a setting-out point. In an infinitude of worlds, he considers staying home to be almost a crime, and cannot understand whatever motive causes the family to stay there for any longer than a day or two. He considers Random to be a good choice for ruler, but does wonder why he accepted the role; Random seemed the least likely to want to be bound to the throne. Regardless, the stewardship of Amber is largely irrelevant to him.

He is frequently seen with Kip, a shape-shifting critter out of Shadow who on occasion acts as Gavin’s conscience, or lack thereof, depending on the situation.

Hobbies: Vacationing, random travels through wilderness, social drinking and philosophizing. Enjoys travelling in general, but prefers to do so on foot. Gavin also enjoys teaching people how to do things (martial arts tricks, mechanical stuff, how to play games) and explaining ideas. He gives small, simple gifts to friends and strangers almost as an afterthought – usually kitschy objects of the kind one might find in a Shadow Earth tourist trap.

Leitmotif: Fleetwood Mac, World Turning

Favorite Drink: Strawberry daiquiri.

Colors: Navy blue and Tyrian purple.

Gavin of Shadows

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